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Petróleo en Latinoamerica - Internacional
Martes, 03 de Julio de 2012 13:05

The local, regional and national groups in the United States have chosen a day to do a massive national 'frackdown' in the United States - 22 September 2012. It would be fantastic if we could turn this into a GLOBAL day against fracking, a GLOBAL FRACKDOWN!

Since fracking started in the United States and is now being exported across the world, we would like to invite movements around the world to join us on the 22 September 2012 in mobilizing locally and nationally to fight against this invasive and harmful practice.

A coordinated global day of action will allow us to push back in a powerful way against the industry’s propaganda, maximize media attention at a critical time, and highlight local efforts.

A website will be built allowing people to find information, upload their activities, sign up to petitions etc. And the message should be clear:
Fracking is inherently unsafe and should not be part of our energy future. It should be banned. Groups in the United States who sign on to participate in their day of action will support the following mission statement:

Fracking for oil and gas is inherently unsafe and the harms of fracking cannot be fully mitigated by regulation. We reject the multi-million dollar public relations campaign by big oil and gas companies and urge our local, state, and national officials to reject fracking. We stand united as a global movement in calling on governmental officials at all levels to pursue a renewable energy future and not allow fracking in our communities or any communities. Fracking is not part of our vision for a clean energy future and should be banned.

So please join us and spread the word! This can be our global anti-fracking day! A day to show companies and governments around the world that we will not let them destroy our water, land, air and health. We have stopped them before and we will stop them again.

Please forward this to any groups or list-serves who could be interested and please help us translate it into any language that could help spread the message.

Once the website is up, we will send around information on how to access it.

Here is also the final statement from CSOs at the Peoples' Summit in Rio against fracking, please feel free to put it up on your websites or send around to others.