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PERU - "Miren cómo PetroPeru contrata menores de edad para limpiar los derrames petroleros" (en ingles) Imprimir E-mail
Petróleo en Latinoamerica - Perú
Jueves, 31 de Julio de 2014 15:15

Publicado en Web el 26 Julio del 2014
Autor: David Hill

The pipeline transporting oil out of the Peruvian Amazon to the Pacific Coast recently ruptured twice for the umpteenth times, devastating fish stocks, killing other marine life, contaminating rivers and soil, and allegedly making indigenous people living in the region sick.

The pipeline is run by Peruvian state company Petroperu and transports oil from fields operated by Pluspetrol, partnered by Chinese state-controlled company PetroChina, and UK/French company Perenco, partnered by Vietnamese state company PetroVietnam.

Reported responses by indigenous leader Alfonso López Tejada
and others, from the region, give some idea of the impacts and local feeling: "completely contaminated", "huge oil slicks", "disaster", "pestilence", and a "new disgrace."

Last Sunday Peruvian TV program Panorama revealed some of the damage - pools and the ground underfoot black with oil, dead fish, dead animals - and the pathetic, dangerous attempts to clean up: local residents wearing t-shirts and shorts, black with oil, two of them who say they are 17 years old. Watch it, in Spanish, here.