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Petróleo en Latinoamerica - Argentina
Jueves, 22 de Diciembre de 2011 18:10
Argentina is South America's largest natural gas producer and a significant producer of oil. However, the heavily regulated energy sector includes policies that limit the industry's attractiveness to private investors while shielding consumers from rising prices. Consequently, demand for energy in Argentina's rapidly growing economy continues to rise while production of both oil and gas are in decline - leading Argentina to depend increasingly upon energy imports.

Argentina consumed an estimated 3.3 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) of energy in 2008, relative to 3.6 quadrillion Btu of total energy produced. Natural gas - used widely in the electricity, industrial, and residential sectors, and increasingly in transportation - comprises approximately one-half of Argentina's total energy consumption. Much of the remainder of total energy demand is met by oil, which is a dominant fuel in the transportation sector. Smaller shares of the country's total energy consumption are attributable to nuclear, coal, hydropower, and other renewable resources that are used for electricity generation, and biofuels for transportation.

Argentina's dispute of the United Kingdom's claim to the nearby Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) is relevant to the energy sector, as oil and gas exploration has recently occurred there notwithstanding the Argentine government's objections. Yet despite multiple test wells and high hopes about the Falkland's offshore potential, only one company has thus far discovered a field that is likely to be commercially viable.


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